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Roham Gas has expertise in supplying bulk and specialty gases for industrial, medical, and other applications. We work with clients to develop customized production, storage, and delivery based on individual needs. A snapshot of our products is included below.

  • Industrial gases
Argon Acetylene
Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide
Ethylene Helium
Hydrogen Krypton
Methane Neon
Nitrogen Nitric Oxide
Oxygen Xeon
  • High purity, specialty, and process gases
    • Any desired gas mixtures of Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen, and others.
    • Specialized mixtures for electronics, instruments, diving applications.
    • Rare gases

  • Medical- and Food-grade gases and refrigerants
    • Medical-grade oxygen, ethylene dioxide, nitrous oxide, breathing air
    • Food-grade Carbon Dioxide (gaseous or dry ice)
    • Wide range of refrigerants