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Hydrogen is found only as a traceable gas in the atmosphere, but is the most abundant element in the universe. Plentiful in hydrocarbon and in water, it is the lightest of all gases. This colorless, odorless, and highly flammable gas has a wide range of applications from its uses in the production of synthetic ammonia and methanol to its presence in rocket fuels. Hydrogen is commonly used in the hydrogenation of vegetable and animal oil and fats, in petroleum refining operations and in oxyhydrogen torches.


  • Rocket propellants.
  • Alkali neutralization.
  • Mold setting and glass manufacturing.
  • Atmospheric reduction in microchip production.
  • Hydro cracking of fats such a edible oils, as well as production of shampoos, lubricants, etc.
  • Carrier gas for items such as deodorants and pesticides.

Hydrogen European Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)