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Helium is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, inert gas and is the second lightest element. Helium is present in dry air at a concentration of 0.0005%. Its occurs in radioactive ores but its principal source is natural gas wells where the helium is extracted, via cryogenic separation, from the crude natural gas stream then purified and liquefied. Helium is a component of artificial atmospheres as well as a refrigerant and a lifting gas for balloons. Helium is also used as a superfluid in cryogenic research. A major application of helium gas is in deep sea diving. Its major medical application is in liquid form as a cooling medium (-271°C).


  • Breathing mixtures for those with impaired lung functions.
  • MRI tests (liquid helium).
  • Balloon inflation, gas chromatography, electronics industry.

Helium European Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)